A Word in Season

"A man has joy in the utterance of his mouth, and a word at the right time, how good it is."
Proverbs 15:23

As a rule, silence is golden and generally we do not regret having held our peace. But sometimes not saying the proper thing is wrong.

Often, in situations where others have suffered great personal losses, we donít know what to say, and the awkwardness of keeping silent may cause us to avoid the discomfort of such a situation and miss an opportunity to reach out. Suppose we hear that an acquaintance lost a child in a traffic accident or to a serious illness. I don't know what to say to them, we tell ourselves. Since we do not know what to say, we may simply avoid the bereaved family and thereby add loneliness to their suffering.

If you hear of a tragedy, donít stay away or keep silent. Simple words when said in sincerity can give support. Though they cannot restore anyone's loss, they can lessen the pain.

The Word of God was given free to us, therefore we should also share it freely with others.
(All rights are with God)