The Great Reward

Colossians 1:13, 14 - He has delivered us from the domain [authority] of darkness [metaph of ignorance respecting divine things and human duties, and the accompanying ungodliness and immorality] and transferred us to the kingdom [kingship] of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins

In the beginning every time God created the different phrases of creation, in Genesis it is written God said 'it is good'. If you notice the Garden of Eden in Genesis and the same described in Revelations is minus the Tree of Good and Bad.

If you think about it if this tree was not there in the first place then man would have never sinned. Satan could have never been able to tempt man to eat of something which did not exist. And if the tree was suppose to be important in the eternal life of man then it would have also been there after the redemption of man.

Now the question also arrives as to why God put this tree there in the first place?

God had put this tree purposely to test man's faith in Him. If God said all things are good then there was nothing like bad existing. Eating the fruit of this tree was distrusting God's Word and looking for the bad element in God's creation. It was this distrust which caused man to sin and Satan played the role of building this distrust.

Although after creating all things God said it was good but when He (They - plural) created man He did not say it is good but said in general all things were good. God had created man in His image but yet being made in the flesh God had better plans for man, to give him kingship under His Son. But man had to prove his trustworthiness to receive this great reward. And as all know Satan magnified the imperfectness and led us unto destruction.

To give man another chance we are given a choice to believe in a man Who by the Word of God is God Himself and Who according to this world looked a total failure but by faith (Word of God) victorious, redeeming all His people. Who made possible God (Sprit of God) to dwell in all those who believe in Him. By building this continual trust relationship with the Spirit of God, man can thus overcome the imperfectness of distrusting God and thus becoming worthy to be kings under the Almighty Kingship of His begotten Son.

Now knowing this, let us work on this distrust by building a trust relationship with the Spirit of God and let Him work in us and through us.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You are Almighty God. Your wisdom is beyond man's comprehension. You have made great plans for us and are making us worthy to receive it. Lord, work in us so that we receive this great reward set forth for us in your beloved Son...

We make this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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