A Generous Man will Prosper

"A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed" (Proverbs 11:25)

God's system works on the principle of sowing and reaping. Simply put, if you are kind and merciful to others, then even if others do not reciprocate to you, God will be kind and merciful to you. What you sow, you shall reap. When you refresh others, you yourself will be refreshed. That word "refresh" means to restore or revive. When you reach out to others to restore them or offer strength to them, you are planting seeds for your own future. And there are many ways to refresh others you just need to be aware of the situation. If you ask God to show you how to refresh others, He will. Get in the habit of looking for ways to be a blessing to other people without expectation from them. Have a generous attitude, step out and refresh others. As you do, you'll reap an abundant harvest in your life, and you will live the life of blessing the Lord has for you!

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father in heaven, thank You for being a blessing to me so that I can be a blessing to others. Show me ways to refresh people in my daily life and help always to honor You in everything I say and do. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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