The people who call themselves of God but hate Him

Hosea 11:2 - The more the prophets called them, the more they went from them: they sacrificed unto the Baalim, and burned incense to graven images.

Since a few days I started reading a book named 'The Search' by Dr. Ron Charles which I have been trying to get in India since a very long time but got it lately thanks to the Internet website FlipKart.com

This book is a best seller which records the author's quest to find about Jesus through non biblical records. These records include Jewish church records, the Roman official documents and writings of secure writers (non-Christians) of those times, early Church records which are not part of the Bible, books of the early Coptic Christians from the 1st to the 10th century, documents written in Iranic, Arabic and Semitic languages which bore references to Jesus in the early years, etc.

I just started reading the book and am on the third chapter but I was not surprised only saddened to read how the Jewish Church and the Catholic Church systematically tried to destroy documents and official records concerning Jesus. The first tried to prevent people from knowing the deity Jesus and the second to prevent people from knowing Jesus more than what it pictured. The Catholic Church tried all it best to destroy or hide documents which went against its teachings.

i.e. Jewish Rabbi Ekaba who was commissioned to compile the writings of Josephus in the second century had also been given the responsibility by the Jewish council of Rabbonis of editing any mention of Jesus. It is also known that Rabbi Ekaba along with his students personally destroyed over 1,000 manuscripts and documents, Christian and non-Christian alike that mentioned the name of Jesus.

In the Catholic Church Pope Gregory IX had cartloads full of documents (mainly of Jewish origins) burnt. In 1204 the Catholic / Christian crusaders when concurred Constantinople burnt a library which housed 70,000 precious manuscripts and documents concerning Christ or the early Church of which only about a 10,000 survived the fire. This burning activity went on for six days. It is written about 1,000 Christians lost their lives trying to save these documents. The fire was so hot that the protection armour worn by the crusaders burning them melted. This church during those times also retired or excommunicated priest like Alphonsus who pursued to know more and study more about Jesus by putting them in cells so that they do not go against church teachings. When they died no one knew about their death for years.

Today's message was not only for the Israelites during the time of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Daniel, Joel, Jonah or Zephaniah and others who were there within the span of less than 200 years. Even though these great Men of God were with them to guide them yet the more they drew away from God. During those times the Israelites did the worst kings of idolatry and paganism. Today also the story has not changed. Today we have the Spirit of God working amongst us yet we have the people of God trying their best to draw away from the Lord. They have mastered the technic to shut their ears to the Truth or how to drown the voice of the Lord speaking to them. They will ignore the Truth which causes them to turn from their desires of the flesh and will love to roll themselves in teachings which state all is good for God is good, they do not have to do anything, God will do all things for them and they can continue the live they are living, God understands our weaknesses so we can continue entertaining our fleshy desires yet we will go to Heaven.

Today the Lord is speaking to His people and asking them to turn from their ways. They should stop being NAMESAKE Christians and start carrying the Name (Character) of Christ in them.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, we pray that your people stop being stiff-necked people that they stop being namesake Christians and start following Christ and not just believe in Him. Satan also know You and trembles at your Name but still does things against your will. Lord, we pray You give your people the courage to overcome their flesh and that they do not fear man. Open their eyes to the Truth and pour more of your Spirit on your people...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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